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Using LinkedIn to Promote Your Dealership

[linkedin]LinkedIn: Maximizing Your Reach

Although in the past LinkedIn has more commonly been viewed for individual professional branding, recently it has been a key marketing tool for dealerships through the utilization of company profiles. Company profiles on LinkedIn act as a fact sheet for web browsers. Profiles can be updated with new developments, blogs, business opportunities, and job opportunities, as well as display recent hires and upcoming market promotions.

And it’s not just about what profiles can display. LinkedIn contains the word “linked” for a reason—engagement is one of the best opportunities it can provide for dealerships. Car buying and selling is all about loyalty and customer service, right? If a brand is more visible online, content reaches more users, generates leads, establishes partnerships and relationships, creates better brand recognition, and ultimately increases revenue. With all of that said, there are four compelling motives dealerships have to utilize LinkedIn’s company profile feature.

  1. It can display products, services, and more.

LinkedIn users can follow a company by selecting the Follow button on the company’s profile or a member’s profile who is associated with a particular company. This will allow page followers to keep track of company news such as community involvement, products, services, and promotions. A dealership’s products and services can easily be added in a LinkedIn company page. Videos can be added to each product or service listing, giving dealerships the ability to visually showcase what they can offer to customers in a stimulating way. Company blogs can be posted to the profile rather than just a company website, giving more potential customers the chance to see it.

Additionally, anyone can leave a recommendation on a company profile. Since 17 million people say they are strongly influenced by social media on purchase decisions, recommendations on a company page from satisfied customers will certainly set dealerships ahead of their competitors.

  1. It engages followers.

Simply creating a LinkedIn company page gives more exposure and visibility to a business, but making connections is something that sets businesses apart. In a recent LinkedIn study, it was shown that 50% of LinkedIn members were more likely to buy a product from a business they engage with on LinkedIn. This is why a dealership manager should connect with prospects, customers, strategic partners, referral partners, and other business owners. Once those connections are made, the business owner can decide how to nurture specific connections to grow the relationship, often leading to increased sales.

  1. It makes employees more accessible and relatable.

Dealership employees need to create and complete their profiles on LinkedIn to optimize their dealership’s company page. Their profiles should include appropriate photos, relevant job history, and a description of how they help their dealership. When employees are connected to the dealership and start connecting with other business professionals they know, their workplace will be visible to more users and generate more company profile traffic.

Another perk of having employees connected with a company profile on LinkedIn is that it displays team members of a business to LinkedIn users. This way users have more than just a dealership phone number and generic email to contact. They can contact employees that may specialize in their request by a specified phone number and email.

With more accessible information on employees, customers and potential customers can see how qualified the service mechanic is as compared to other dealerships, where their employees have worked before, how diverse the team is, or discover they already know someone who works at the dealership. In a sense, it puts a face to a name and makes the dealership look more human and less robotic.

  1. It can help dealerships find talent.

Hiring managers can use the company profile to their advantage when seeking out new employees. As mentioned previously, company profiles can have followers as well as connect with other LinkedIn users. Many of the people who are engaging with the dealership on LinkedIn are interested in or have worked in the automotive industry. This premise alone should convince recruiters to look at their company page and seek out qualified and highly recommended employee prospects. Finding applicants this way, instead of through classified ads, will return a more qualified, experienced, and professional group.

Dealerships who do not utilize LinkedIn for a company page are missing out on a substantial return. With the use of LinkedIn, dealerships increase brand awareness and reach, engage potential customers, make themselves more accessible and approachable, find the best new talent for their team, and ultimately boost revenue.

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