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Posts by Kendall Billman

Boost Sales by Getting Personal

Technology and Personalization

Technology is a big deal—for consumers and for the businesses that cater to them—so it’s important to create an environment that fosters both innovation and personalization when interacting with your customers.  Your dealership’s brand identity paints a …

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Options, Features, & Updates

The More You Know, The More You’ll Sell

When Henry Ford introduced the idea of the assembly line to auto manufacturing, cars became more accessible to the American public, however choices were slim.  Early in production, Ford even reduced buyer

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Great Communication Bridges the Generation Gap

Great communication is constantly changing, especially since every few years, new and younger generations are added to your dealership’s potential buyer pool.  This means your team is continuously tasked with coming up with new ways to effectively connect with multi-generational …

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Advocates in the House

5 Ways Your Employees Can Impact the Customer Experience

More and more businesses are focusing on the customer experience, and it’s with good reason.  Consumers are more knowledgeable about products and services, they have more access to information than ever …

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