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Boost Sales by Getting Personal

Technology and Personalization

Technology is a big deal—for consumers and for the businesses that cater to them—so it’s important to create an environment that fosters both innovation and personalization when interacting with your customers.  Your dealership’s brand identity paints a …

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Options, Features, & Updates

The More You Know, The More You’ll Sell

When Henry Ford introduced the idea of the assembly line to auto manufacturing, cars became more accessible to the American public, however choices were slim.  Early in production, Ford even reduced buyer

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Millennials Have Spoken: Authenticity Wins

Millennials have spoken, and they are looking for businesses that know them and recognize their needs within a changing marketplace.  They’re not buying into marketing that speaks to them or even through them; instead, they are on the lookout for …

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Modern Transportation Trends and Your Dealership

Meeting Shopper Needs With Innovative Thinking

Consumers today are adept at managing change, and they’re quick to jump onboard with the newest innovations and ideas.  Throughout the automotive industry, shoppers are defining the future of sales and service, and the …

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