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Holiday Fun at AutoAlert

The Kansas City AutoAlert team took a few minutes out to enjoy some fun with co-workers as we celebrated Ugly Sweater Day, enjoyed a pot-luck lunch, and participated in a holiday sock exchange.


Today’s fashion choices included everything from feathers …

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Epic Storytelling Sets Your Brand Apart

Great brands differentiate themselves through storytelling.  Not the “once upon a time” kind, but rather the kind that gives consumers an inside view of what the brands are really all about.  Instead of simply telling shoppers what they do or …

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The Art of Creating a Perfect Phone Script

By Phil Dixon, AutoAlert Sales Development Manager

AutoAlert is in the middle of a growth boom right now, and as the Sales Development Manager, it’s my job to ensure everyone joining our sales team is equipped with the best and …

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The Benefits of an Empowered Dealership

Dealerships today have to edge out more and more competitors in order to win customers. Because of this, they are constantly looking for new and better ways to distinguish themselves and gain an advantage in the marketplace. One way dealerships …

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Communication and Engagement

Communication & Engagement: Friends for LifeTap, tap, this thing on- (1)

Communication and engagement go together like biscuits and gravy, like macaroni and cheese, like bacon and eggs. Most of the time, it’s pretty hard to have one without the other. (Who wants a dry …

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Your Hispanic Consumer: Part 2

Happy business group demonstrating partnership

Discover Your Hispanic Consumer Part 2

Discover Your Market: Your Hispanic Consumer Part II

Marketing to Various Acculturation Levels

Everyone knows they need to market to Hispanic consumers, and if you don’t know, here’s a little secret: You need to …

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Take Back Your Brand: Epic Storytelling

Epic Ways to Tell Your Brand Story

Storytelling is what sets your brand apart when it comes to communicating to your consumers what you’re really all about.  Anyone can tell people what they do.  And anyone can tell shoppers

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