AutoAlert’s Kimberly Cowan Promoted to Vice President of Business Operations

IRVINE, Calif., July 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — AutoAlert, the industry leader in data-mining and sales-lead generation, announces the promotion of Kimberly Cowan to Vice President of Business Operations from Director of Business Development.

In her new role, Kimberly will oversee operational improvements, content, and other strategic initiatives. Prior to AutoAlert, Kimberly was at Cox Automotive for over a decade supporting several divisions, such as VinSolutions, Autotrader, and AutoMart, where she held roles of increasing responsibility. Since joining AutoAlert in March 2015, she continues to bring a unique set of change management and business development skills to the organization. Kimberly offers a combination of superior leadership, sales, operations, and marketing expertise; and progressive customer satisfaction makes her a natural fit and a valuable asset as she leads the AutoAlert team in providing the highest quality services and insights to a continually growing customer base.

Kimberly recently presented Drive it Like You Stole It: Taking Control of Your Journey, at the 2016 Women in Automotive Conference in Orlando, Fla., where attendees were able to focus on defining career and personal development and maximize positive energy to succeed in reaching their goals.

As AutoAlert continues to develop innovation for the automotive industry, Kimberly’s valuable contributions will help define future opportunities, as well as ensure company-wide excellence through change management.

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