AutoAlert to Introduce Latest Technology at NADA100 in New Orleans January 26-29

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — AutoAlert, the industry leader in data mining and trade-cycle management, announced the introduction of its latest technology at NADA100 in New Orleans on January 26-29.

AutoAlert will be introducing One-to-One Intelligent Marketing at the convention and will be conducting continuous live demos at Booth 1455. One-to-One Intelligent Marketing is a comprehensive, intelligent marketing platform that precision-targets top opportunities and includes multiple touchpoints, including personalized mailings, strategically-deployed emails, personalized landing pages, and call tracking and monitoring to ensure campaign effectiveness. Developed by AutoAlert’s in-house team of data scientists, this world-class big-data platform identifies customer ownership and lifecycle milestones, giving dealers the opportunity to engage with every customer – delivering the right message at exactly the right time.

AutoAlert will also be introducing Pando, an innovative platform designed to streamline dealership communication, improve workflow, and deliver excellent customer experiences. Pando is a customizable tool that can be used to communicate tasks and internal communication between individuals, departments, or rooftops. A revolutionary new way of facilitating dealership teamwork and collaboration, Pando expedites processes and centralizes all internal communication into one easily-manageable location.

AutoAlert’s @SocialLittleMan, Joey Little, Executive Director of Digital and Social Engagement, will be presenting all three days of NADA100. His presentation, Learning to Love Complaints: Turning Feedback Into Success will reveal his top tips and secrets for dealerships as they navigate the world of online feedback. Attendees will walk away knowing how to turn every review into something positive for their dealership.

Alongside AutoAlert’s Booth 1455, attendees will once again enjoy the popular FuzeNews booth, manned by Joey Little. He’ll be interviewing industry professionals to get insights on the latest topics, as well as convention tips and feedback.

Visitors to Booth 1455 will have several opportunities to win Apple products, and that’s also where they can pick up their passes to AutoBash, sponsored by AutoAlert CEO Mike Dullea and Dealer-FX CEO Gary Kalk. Taking place at Republic Nola in the historic Warehouse District of New Orleans on January 27 at 9:00 p.m., this exclusive event will feature live music by the Spin Doctors and top-shelf drinks alongside many industry professionals.

For more information and up-to-the-minute updates about AutoAlert at NADA100, visit AutoAlert’s detailed guide to the convention: The Big Easy Survival Guide for NADA100.

About AutoAlert
AutoAlert is the industry’s leading data-mining and trade-cycle management platform, focused on helping dealerships identify high-quality sales opportunities, increase gross margin, and improve customer retention. With its recent One-to-One Intelligent Marketing solution, clients now have access to a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing platform that leverages consumer data, as well as precision-targets their top opportunities with strategically-depoloyed communications, personalized URLs, and call tracking and monitoring. Offering real-time tracking and reporting, AutoAlert’s latest solution gives dealers the ability to communicate the right offer to the right customer at exactly the right time, resulting in increased sales. Additionally, the versatility of Pando, AutoAlert’s innovative communication and collaboration platform, significantly improves workflow and productivity throughout dealerships.

Founded in 2002 and a pioneer in equity mining and client engagement, AutoAlert continues to lead the market with its focus on delivering the best opportunities, reducing overall marketing and advertising expenses for dealers, and improving the customer experience. Visit to learn more about the latest solutions driving dealership growth.

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Vice President, Marketing & Creative