AutoAlert + Your Dealership CRM = Stronger Together

AutoAlert’s Internet browser plug-in runs parallel with a variety of web-based CRMs, providing a seamless user experience for dealers. This plug-in gives users the ability to match customers in the CRM with existing AutoAlert opportunities within the same screen, resulting in quick access to leads, deal sheets, and agenda items – all without switching between browser windows.

Available for these browsers:

Enhanced Lead Regeneration

Know which of your lost and sold leads are back in market. Act on your hot leads armed with the additional knowledge and insights PandoConnect provides. PandoConnect regenerates sold and lost leads, pushing five different lead types into your CRM.


Sold customers, actively shopping other makes.


Sold customers, actively shopping your competition.


Lost leads, still actively shopping.


Service customers, in equity and/or actively shopping.


Sold customers, in equity and actively shopping.

Detailed Customer Insights

Our AutoAlert Pando Connect plug-in slides in, over your CRM, to match in-market customers, regardless if a customer has recently submitted a lead.

Customer Information

Gather the most relevant information in one place, including vehicles of interest, demographics and user interests.

Online Reviews

Quickly and conveniently access online reviews written by your customers about your dealership.


Gain visibility into how customers are engaging with your dealership’s website and FuzeCast articles.


Leverage Pando messaging within PandoConnect to keep track of past communications for the customer.

AlertMiner Integration

In addition to the behavior-driven customer insights PandoConnect provides, quickly identify if the customer is an AlertMiner opportunity based on customers’ previous transactions.

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