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Pando Web & Mobile Messaging


Join the evolution of dealership communication with Pando. Pando addresses the specific communication challenges dealers face and engages your teams to significantly improve workflow and productivity, ultimately giving your customers a more seamless, positive experience.

Pando breaks down existing barriers to communication by effectively connecting employees, teams, and rooftops. Create a Pando channel for a specific process, topic, team, event, and more. With Pando, the possibilities are endless.



Pando Features:

Open Channels | Private Channels | One-to-One

Maximize your team productivity with channels custom to your dealership designed to streamline workflow. Message employees directly one-on-one, or create a group channel for specific teams. Provide the necessary information your team needs to efficiently drive action.

Messages | Photos | Documents

In addition to instant messaging, Pando allows you to share photos, documents, and forms in real-time. Create requests within Pando that are unique to your dealership that incorporate all the types of information you need.

Excel | Engage | Connect

Pando gives you the ability to deliver the necessary information your team needs to efficiently complete workflow processes within the dealership. With Pando, communication is no longer one-way, static delivery, but rather gives everyone the opportunity to communication in all directions and work better together as a team.

For your brand, timing is everything and knowledge is power. The Pando messaging tool unifies and secures internal communication and makes real-time collaboration simple. Available via desktop or mobile devices, drive a call to action within your team today!


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