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What Our Customers Say...

Always ask the question, does it sell more cars? AutoAlert sells more cars at higher grosses from day one!

Garth Blumenthal, Fletcher Jones Motorcars

ProfileFuze has paid for itself more than 10 times within the first 30 days. With ProfileFuze, we've discovered a gold mine in our CRM...we are able to recover leads we'd marked lost for customers still in-market, and make the sale!

Todd Crossley, Gary Crossley Ford

In our first 90 days on AutoAlert, we sold 164 units for $816,000 in gross profit.

John Mathews, Pat Lobb Auto Group

Any business that wants to lead an industry has to adapt quickly to emerging technology in order to stay on top. Galpin recognizes AutoAlert as the logical next step for our dealerships as we continue to blaze the trail for delivering exceptional automotive customer experiences.

Beau Boeckmann, Galpin Motors

The ability to engage our entire staff, while increasing our social media reach and driving high quality traffic to our website, now that's a powerful and potent recipe for success.

Chris Maynard, Laird Noller Automotive