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The More You Know, The More You’ll Sell

When Henry Ford introduced the idea of the assembly line to auto manufacturing, cars became more accessible to the American public, however choices were slim.  Early in production, Ford even reduced buyer options, giving the public the opportunity to choose any color, “so long as it was black.”  Fast-forward to today.  The marketplace is overflowing with different models, trims, add-ons, and choices that affect everything from consumer safety to comfort.


Stand Out & Build Credibility

The more choices your customers have, the more you and your sales team need to know.  To build credibility, your team needs to meet shoppers at their unique stages of vehicle research, as well as be able to explain and demonstrate vehicle features.  This level of customer service will stand out to shoppers who are looking for knowledgeable dealership professionals and a personalized buying experience.

In addition to the many vehicle choices in front of them, shoppers have no shortage of dealerships vying for their attention.  Amid fierce competition, you can ensure your dealership stands out by moving quickly to meet shopper needs and staying on top of industry trends and consumer preferences.  The better you know your audience, the better you’ll be able to anticipate their needs and plan your sales approach.

Today’s consumers are smart, and they move quickly—which means your team needs to be prepared for the fast pace they demand.  Shoppers are driving the marketplace, and by the time they arrive at your dealership, they have already done their research and made quite a bit of progress toward their final purchase decisions.  To stay a step ahead, keep the following in mind:


  1. Businesses lose up to $62 billion per year due to poor customer service. Shoppers are sizing you up—from your very first interaction until their transactions are complete—and part of great service is providing a knowledgeable staff that can quickly answer questions about your products and services.
  1. Customers expect individualized solutions. 58% of consumers say they would be more likely to buy from retailers that recommend options based on past purchases.  In exchange for the data they share online, shoppers expect businesses to know what they are looking for in the marketplace and which vehicles fit their needs.
  1. Shoppers want an experience. Everything—from your website to your lot to your showroom—should work together seamlessly to build positive connections between shoppers and your dealership.  59% of 25- to 34-year-olds share their poor customer experiences online, so be sure your dealership gets on the good side of shoppers by consistently delivering an excellent brand experience.
  1. Interaction and communication are key. Shoppers are on the lookout for businesses that will engage with them and add value to their experiences.  When you are accessible and work to build relationships, consumers will gravitate toward you—and they’ll recommend you to others.  71% of consumers who’ve had great social media experiences with brands say they’re likely to recommend those brands to others!
  1. 85% of millennials—and 75% of Boomers and older consumers—say they’re looking for omnichannel brand experiences. They’re looking for a seamless experience, whether they’re visiting your website, your showroom, or calling you on the phone.  When you have a well-trained team that works together to create an integrated experience across all channels, you’ll end up with happier customers and a brand that’s recognized no matter where shoppers are looking.


Leverage Your Expertise

What does this mean for your dealership?  Consumers are faced with many choices in today’s marketplace—and the competition’s not shy about trying to capture their attention.  But you can gain an edge by ensuring your team is prepared to meet shopper needs, answer questions, and present every option in a confident, knowledgeable way.  Encourage your salespeople to continuously build on their product expertise, as well as adopt new technology, to instill shopper trust.  With a team that’s able to confidently share the latest insights and product capabilities, your dealership will be seen as a leader in the industry.


Tools, Time, & Training

Winning dealerships are dedicating themselves to a game-changing trifecta of success.  Not only are they setting aside the time to ensure their teams get the proper training and support they need to capture the attention of modern consumers, they’re setting their teams up for success by investing in the best tools available.  Comprehensive platforms like AutoAlert’s Pando are ensuring dealerships can communicate like never before—between individuals, departments, and even rooftops, and, as a result, they’re able to offer top-notch shopping experiences.

Add to that the all-encompassing solutions offered by One-to-One Intelligent Marketing, and dealers are able to engage every customer in a unique and individual way to ensure they’re conveying the right message, with the right offer, at exactly the right time.  There’s no better way to experience immediate bottom-line growth than to implement a measurable, data-driven, multi-channel solution that offers everything needed to target top opportunities.

Innovation is moving at a breakneck pace, especially for automotive, and consumers expect the businesses they select to stay ahead of the game.  You can ensure you’re consistently leading the pack by giving your team the cutting-edge tools they need to quickly and efficiently find their best opportunities, answer questions and communicate updates, as well as meet changing shopper needs.  Today’s shoppers have more choices than ever before—and when your team is quick to share up-to-date knowledge and deliver on-target solutions, your dealership will stand apart from the rest.

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