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Now offering our equity-mining for free with purchase of one-to-one.

Why? Because they work so well together.

GM Dealer Direct Line: 844.452.8129

GM, We deliver you customers.

Prioritize your day quickly with predetermined top opportunities. Just pick up the phone and call. We know your customer really well, and we give you the talking points to reach out, through custom scripts.

Enhance overall closing ratios by knowing what your customers are up to. With Upgrade, In-Market, Flex, Service, Contract, Mileage, and Warranty Alerts, we hand you leads.

In 2016, GM Dealers utilizing AlertMiner reported sales of 59,261 New Vehicles for a total gross of $163,792,075 resulting in a front & back-end gross of $2,763 per unit.

GM, We know your customers and we are one of the turnkey equity-mining vendors that also has iMR approved marketing services.

One-to-One Intelligent Marketing sends targeted and customized messages to your dealerships customers for you. Let us use our algorithms to automate your marketing communications, bringing you top opportunities right into your showroom.

How it Works:

  1. Incentives are announced and proofs are sent
  2. We analyze your data
  3. Set up a campaign through the wizard
  4. We turn your data into precise opportunity alerts
  5. Personalized web pages are created for each customer
  6. Direct marketing is printed and delivered
  7. First email is launched 2-3 days after print
  8. Second email is launched 7 days later
  9. Detailed ROI reporting with a No Risk Guarantee
  10. and repeat…