Expand your social reach.

What is FuzeCast?

FuzeCast Mobile allows employees to create an article library for social sharing. This robust tool allows your employees to deliver relevant content to their friends and followers through Facebook and Twitter. Friends interact with those articles and are taken to a landing page surrounded by your dealership ads. FuzeCast learns what your customers care about and becomes more intelligent with every consumer interaction, delivering your employees a comprehensive list of articles every day.

The FuzeCast calendar allows you to plan, schedule, and automate social posts, as well as events, promotions, and custom content at your pace. Managers can suggest content by pushing information to individuals, groups, rooftops, or all employees.

Extend your reach.

Turn your team into social media experts.

1. Find Your Favorite Articles

2. Post them to Social Media

3. Visitors Go to your Landing Pages

The automotive industry is a relationship-driven business. Building business through online consumer relationships is crucial to your dealership, so we needed to find a way to make online marketing easier, while leveraging social media and reducing cost. We built this platform to turn employees into online social advocates for your brand.

Landing Pages & Branded Ads

Employee social posts deliver conquest customers to a landing page surrounded by dealership ads of interest.


Group, individual and campaign calendar tools streamline dealership communication across teams, departments, and rooftops.


Gamification is a fun, effective way to improve communication and share what’s happening at your dealership. Employee posts reach further than your brand posts, so why not reward them for their influence? FuzeCast makes it simple.


Keep customers on the lot with FuzeCast’s vehicle comparison tool. Answer the questions consumers have about any make and model.

Share A Photo

Engage your audience and track posts efficiently by posting photos directly from the app. Share inventory, shop updates, and even showroom highlights to impact shoppers and increase sales.


Employees create a magazine of their interests to share on Facebook and other social media sites, along with dealership recommended posts.

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