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Cultural Innovation: Building Strong Relationships With Hispanic Shoppers

A Growing Demographic

The Hispanic demographic in the United States continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, offering savvy dealerships unlimited chances to connect, share, and create relationships that will lead to loyal shoppers.  The ways in which you choose to reach out to consumers and share your brand will determine your success now and with future generations of shoppers as you create lasting relationships that prove your dealership is on the cutting edge of innovation—with technology, communication, and in the ways it builds and maintains consumer relationships.  Hispanic shoppers are looking for businesses that know how to connect with them, and they are eager to build relationships with brands that are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to earn their trust.

Not only do Hispanic shoppers make up approximately 20% of the U.S. population, they are also known to be a very receptive audience for automotive marketers.  And for dealerships, this means it’s even more important to target Hispanic shoppers with messages that are meaningful, relevant, and on track.  It’s essential to know your market when you have such a large piece of the U.S. demographic waiting on information from you.  Approximately 57 million strong, the Hispanic population in the U.S. is finding its voice and making its preferences known to marketers.

Every consumer group has varying needs in the marketplace, and when businesses are able to actively innovate their language, communication, and interactions to keep up with shopper interests, they’ll be seen as resources shoppers want to turn to.  In addition to ensuring you keep up with shopper interests, it’s also important to stay up to date with the latest technology and tools in order to present your dealership as one that’s innovative and at the forefront of changes that affect your consumers.

Innovate to Connect

When you integrate innovation into every aspect of your dealership’s marketing and communication plan, it will make connecting with every audience feel more natural and authentic.  Keep in mind, your modern and innovative consumers are on the lookout for businesses that can meet them where they are and provide the up-to-date interaction and content they’re seeking.  But how can dealerships culturally innovate in a way that improves their communication and relationships with Hispanic customers?

When it comes to your Hispanic consumers, think of things that will help you connect in a meaningful way in order to make a lasting impact and stay top of mind.  Consider the following to help you innovate your dealership’s communication and connect in ways that are culturally relevant:

  • Make an emotional connection.  While it’s true you are working to sell cars, you’ll make more headway if you’re first able to establish a one-on-one connection with your shoppers.  You’ll earn consumer trust if you recognize the fact that your Hispanic shoppers are, in and of themselves, a very diverse group of individuals who are inclined to spend their money with brands who empower their cultural relevancy, as well as their place within American culture.  Hispanic shoppers thrive in an environment where there is an interpersonal connection with those selling to them.
  • Connect via mobile.  Hispanic shoppers continue to lead the way with mobile.  When it comes to getting your message across and making it stick, you’ll do well to use mobile to reach these individuals.  64% of Hispanic consumers aged 35 to 49 say they use their mobile device or tablet at least daily, and with the increasing tendency to download apps, it only makes sense to ensure you get your message across via this channel.
  • Get social.  Even more than consumers in general, Hispanic consumers love social media.  They are more likely to purchase products and follow brands via social than non-Hispanics, meaning this is the perfect avenue for your dealership when it comes to creating relationships and staying in touch with online consumers.  Additionally—and potentially most important—Hispanic consumers share 5 times the amount of content via social as their non-Hispanic counterparts, meaning they are sharing information they find helpful about brands, products, and services to people within their social circles.
  • Include the family.  Hispanic shoppers are known for including their families and friends in their shopping events, and it’s no different for car shopping.  Consider ways your dealership can welcome families and groups who are looking to purchase by providing roomy waiting areas, play areas for children, and a variety of refreshments.
  • Create an experience.  Especially for your Hispanic consumers, purchasing a new vehicle is an experience that warrants celebration.  Likely the second largest purchase in a person’s life, buying a vehicle is a big decision—and when your team helps to make this a happy occasion, you’re more likely to gain loyal shoppers who will return to you for maintenance or future purchases.  Simple touches like balloons for the kids or even a free car-wash pack to show your appreciation will go a long way to help increase the celebratory nature of the event.
  • Develop partnerships.  Part of conveying your authenticity and continuing on the journey of innovation includes finding ways to partner with Hispanic-owned businesses in your community.  Consider tuning one of your in-house television feeds to a Spanish-language news station if you have several Spanish-speaking customers, or look to diverse local business partners when it comes to sharing coupons or giving referrals.
  • Promote your in-house professionals.  While not every Hispanic shopper prefers to speak Spanish—or is able to speak Spanish—it’s a good idea to have bilingual pros on your staff to help those who do visit your dealership and prefer Spanish-language services.  You’ll be able to make every customer feel at home when they visit your dealership simply by ensuring you have the pros on-hand should the need arise.  Not only will you likely earn more business, but you’ll show your ability to provide for a variety of customer needs.

Throughout the U.S., Hispanic communities continue to grow, and along with their growth, there is nearly unlimited potential for your dealership to form valuable relationships, earn loyalty, and increase sales.  With a population that is expected to double by 2050, the Hispanic demographic is not one to be ignored; instead, its buying power and influence place it squarely on the radar of savvy businesses everywhere, and by focusing on innovative communication and marketing, your dealership can increase its presence and recognition throughout the Hispanic market.

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