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The More You Know, The More You’ll Sell

When Henry Ford introduced the idea of the assembly line to auto manufacturing, cars became more accessible to the American public, however choices were slim.  Early in production, Ford even reduced buyer

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Innovate to Dominate the Market

Dealerships that are winning in today’s marketplace have one thing in common.  They embrace innovation with enthusiasm.

Why?  Because they know that to edge out the competition and capture the attention of modern consumers, they need to consistently be a …

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10 Things Consumers Want You to Know

How well do you you know your consumers?  Do you know their likes, dislikes, what content they’re most likely to engage with?  If you don’t, you should.  Knowing your consumers is the first step toward turning them into customers who …

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Epic Storytelling Sets Your Brand Apart

Great brands differentiate themselves through storytelling.  Not the “once upon a time” kind, but rather the kind that gives consumers an inside view of what the brands are really all about.  Instead of simply telling shoppers what they do or …

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Lead Change to Lead the Market

Dealerships are no strangers to change, especially now with all the vehicle innovation that’s being introduced, as well as the flexibility consumers now have with shopping and buying.  Professionals in the automotive industry have learned that, to be successful, they …

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