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AutoAlert Introduces Pando at NADA 2016

AutoAlert Introduces Pando, As Well As Other New Customer Experience Products at NADA 2016

IRVINE, Calif., April 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — AutoAlert leads the industry in data mining and sales lead generation, with continued growth allowing for the introduction of the newest products and product enhancements at NADA in Las Vegas, Nev., from March 31 through April 3. AutoAlert’s newest offerings add to the already-powerful lineup of products in place to help dealerships reach more customers, gain greater consumer insights, and reach improved sales goals.

Introducing Pando

AutoAlert introduces Pando, an evolution in dealership communication.  Pando is the first-ever dealership messaging and collaboration platform that is designed to address dealership-specific communication needs and re-engage every team member.  It works to significantly improve workflow, customer experience, and productivity. Offering open communication channels, one-on-one messages can be sent to any employee directly, or users are able to create private channels for specific teams or rooftops. In addition to its message-sending flexibility, Pando also offers real-time photo sharing and document sharing, creating a well-rounded communication system that keeps every dealership professional in the loop. Also available in Spanish, Pando offers communication solutions for busy dealerships looking to efficiently stay connected with employees.

AutoAlert Plug-In for CRM

AutoAlert recently announced the AutoAlert plug-in for CRM, which helps dealerships view opportunities, agendas, and customer information—including deal sheets—in the same window as their CRM. Created to run concurrently with specific web-based CRMs to provide a seamless user experience, the plug-in offers customers quicker and easier access to opportunities without the need to switch between browser windows. AutoAlert customers using the plug-in are able to match customers in their CRM with existing AutoAlert opportunities.

“At NADA, AutoAlert is excited to present our latest products, which will enhance dealership sales and allow our customers to reach more in-market shoppers than ever before,” commented AutoAlert CEO Mike Dullea. “By introducing Pando and the AutoAlert plug-in, we are once again offering innovations that surpass industry expectations, enabling us to offer dealerships even more opportunities to gain valuable shopper insights, improve communication, and in turn, make more sales.”

A Comprehensive Product Offering

The comprehensive AutoAlert product suite allows dealerships to gain an edge in the marketplace by offering the best in data-mining and shopper-insight technologies.  With powerful solutions and proprietary data-mining software, customers can anticipate shopper needs, leverage critical information, and respond proactively to more opportunities in order to sell more cars.

With six alerts offering individualized shopper information, including Upgrade Alert, Flex Alert, Service Alert, Mileage Alert, Warranty Alert, and Contract Alert, dealerships will never miss out on key shopper insights that can help them identify potential opportunities.

AutoAlert’s powerful products allow dealerships to reach and sell to more in-market customers.  ProfileFuze reveals key shopping behaviors of customers and offers valuable data within dealership CRMs, with no lead submission required.  Additionally, Fuzecast helps dealerships leverage the reach of their employees by encouraging them to share socially and interact with consumers.

In combination, AutoAlert products offer dealerships a way to proactively engage customers, leverage powerful insights, and reach in-market shoppers.  This, combined with comprehensive employee training and cutting-edge communication, puts dealerships in a position to boost sales and increase their bottom lines.

AutoAlert professionals will be on-hand at NADA Both 2341C in Las Vegas, Nev., to conduct product demos, introduce the brand-new Pando and AutoAlert plug-in experiences, as well as review the entire suite of comprehensive products that open up more opportunities for dealerships everywhere.

About AutoAlert, LLC

AutoAlert is the automotive industry’s leading data-mining and trade-cycle management platform helping dealerships identify high-quality sales opportunities, increase gross margin, and improve customer retention. Offering the industry’s only 24/7, complete 360° portfolio management solution, AutoAlert helps dealerships build long-term client relationships that compound sales, provide better customer service, and make more informed marketing decisions. Founded in 2002, AutoAlert pioneered the equity-mining campaign and a new client engagement methodology through innovative software, marketing, and training solutions. Visit to learn more about product capabilities and solutions that offer up-to-the minute consumer insights and drive dealership growth.

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