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What if you knew there were hundreds of opportunities waiting for you without having to search for them? What if there were customers in your database who could upgrade their vehicles, keeping their payments the same or close to the same? What if there were service customers who were seriously thinking about trading in and just needed a little nudge?

Every Customer Insight Delivered by AlertMiner Offers a Direct and Immediate Opportunity for Dealerships to Sell More Cars.

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Leverage critical customer information based on several different Alert types. We build algorithms that deliver results, allowing you to focus on your customers and the opportunities we place in front of you.

Upgrade Alert

Retain your customers before they even enter the market. The Upgrade Alert automatically identifies when a customer is in a position to upgrade to newer vehicles for similar monthly payments.

Mileage Alert

With the Mileage Alert, know in advance when customers are about to exceed their contracted lease mileage and help them avoid penalties by offering vehicle upgrades with comparable payment plans.

Engaged Alert

Identify customers who are engaged with your dealership, based on website visits, AutoAlert p-URL engagement, and email interaction.

In-Market Alert

Detect shopper behaviors and discover in-market customers who are ready to buy. Forget about tracking anonymous leads. Instead, focus on digital search behavior that will immediately add value to intelligent marketing efforts, offering up valuable opportunities.

Warranty Alert

Know well in advance which clients are in positions to take advantage of extended warranty offers, even if their vehicles weren’t purchased at your dealership.

Service Alert

Your best prospects are current clients. The Service Alert allows sales teams to receive Alerts when customers are scheduled for service or pull into the service drive, presenting the opportunity to greet them and provide vehicle offers.

Flex Alert

The Flex Alert identifies buyers who can trade their current vehicles for new vehicles, lowering their payments through current market incentives and more flexible terms.

Contract Alert

Proactively contact customers nearing end dates of their purchase or lease contracts with the Contract Alert. Treat sales and leases the same so you’ll never miss an opportunity again.

Opportunities: AlertMiner: Service Drive

Service Drive by AlertMiner allows your team to see customers who have not serviced or are due for service, customers with warranty upgrade opportunities, or customers with upcoming service appointments. Then, filter by AlertMiner Alerts to accurately pinpoint customers who are most likely to buy from the service lane.

Getting your customers to the showroom floor is half the battle. In the service lane, they are already there. Don’t lose out on your biggest opportunities.

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