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Stronger Together with AutoAlert

A group of people get together and exist as an institution we call a company so they are able to accomplish something collectively that they could not accomplish separately – they make a contribution to society, a phrase which sounds trite but is fundamental.

David Packard, Founder of Hewlett Packard

About AutoAlert

AutoAlert is the automotive industry’s leading data-mining and trade-cycle management platform helping dealerships identify high-quality sales opportunities, increase gross margin, and improve customer retention. Offering intelligent, up-to-the-minute shopper insights, as well as the ability to extend dealerships’ reach in the marketplace by building meaningful consumer relationships, AutoAlert is focused on providing an unequaled experience for its customers. Dealerships are able to compound sales, provide enhanced customer service, and make more informed marketing decisions with the industry’s first Complete Portfolio Management solution.

Founded in 2002 and recently expanded with the acquisition of MotoFuze, AutoAlert pioneered the equity-mining campaign and new client engagement methodology through innovative software, marketing, and training solutions.