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One-to-One Intelligent Marketing


We send out communications and customers roll in.


Our alerts hand you relevant customers.


It’s that simple.

  • Disregard if you are located in Canada.

Offer Letters

Want captivating, enticing offer letters? Look no further.

We combine the most powerful and comprehensive data and format it into exclusive offers customers can’t refuse. Individualized and full of credible data, our offer letters are professionally crafted to deliver powerful results. Clients using IntelligentMarketing campaigns versus traditional direct mail sell substantially more units at higher-than-average gross margins—while driving CPU below $300.

Email Campaigns

You’ll hit a home run with intelligent email campaigns!

Intelligent emails replicate mail offers and are strategically deployed to complement direct marketing campaigns. This dual approach has been highly effective in capturing customer attention, and participating dealerships have responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback.


Track email open rates & capture important data.

Personalized URLs (PURLs), or personalized landing pages, capture important response data, while allowing dealers to interact with targeted ad recipients. Since pages are personalized for specific target leads, activity can be tracked. Once a PURL recipient accesses a landing page, an automated email is immediately sent, notifying designated dealership personnel.

When dealers include appealing sales or service savings offers, they receive much higher PURL response rates and capture a higher percentage of consumer data. The data captured can be used to remarket to the same respondents for future campaigns.

BDC Solutions

Introducing AutoAlert BDC Solutions

Flexible BDC Choices

AutoAlert is partnered with top BDC companies to offer dealers advanced lead-generation strategies that are proven to increase sales, service, and profits. Whether you need a turn-key BDC solution, BDC support, or expert training and certification for your existing BDC team, AutoAlert is your go-to for BDC excellence.

Maximized Opportunities

Our BDC Solutions leverage best practices for all six Alerts, with a focus on outbound calls and setting initial appointments, giving your dealership top opportunities for immediate profit increase. Leverage all the data that’s available to you and let us help you boost your bottom line.

Improved Customer Experience

Your AutoAlert Master-Certified BDC Team sets the standard for successful consumer engagement. Whether you outsource your BDC or partner with us to build your own, we ensure excellence in every customer experience. From our first customer contact, the difference will be clear; a significantly improved customer experience will lead to significant bottom-line growth.

Call Tracking

Never Miss a Lead

When you place a vanity, toll-free, or local number in your campaigns, we automatically track and record each incoming call. To top it off, there’s a 30-day referral period after each campaign, so leads can continue to come in.

Know Your ROI

With call tracking, you can discover the ad campaigns that work best for your dealership. Track incoming leads by source and use call recording to get the whole picture. Then make campaign decisions based on call-tracking insights.

Save Money

Call tracking lets you see exactly which campaigns are working—as well as which ads are not. Use this information to renegotiate ad rates with advertisers, based on leads that were delivered.

Monitor Lead-to-Appointment Conversion

Utilize call-tracking technology to help you monitor inbound leads and improve team performance. Know exactly how many leads are converted to appointments, as well as how many calls may have been mishandled.

ROI Reporting

Track performance for every campaign

We know ROI is important, and that’s why we offer our clients the ability to quickly and easily track the performance of every campaign we initiate. Full disclosure is our middle name, and we confidently offer proven results and a Risk-Free Guarantee.

Point of Sale Materials

Promote and reinforce your vehicle upgrade program throughout the dealership with informative & prominently displayed materials.